Donde comer en Machu Picchu
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The main hotels offers you international and local cuisine. In Machu Picchu town, you can found cheap restaurants, pizzerias, and Peruvian cuisine restaurants.

Typical cuisine of Machu Picchu - Cusco

"Timpo" (Quechua language timpu = to boil), Delicious soup, boiled with a piece of chest beef, lamb head, bacon, besides cabbage, potatoes, chickpeas, rice, yam, peaches, pears and yuccas. The broth is served separately from the rest of the stew that is covered on the plate with the cabbage leaves.

"Chuño Cola" pottage of Inca origin. Delicious pottage elaborated with a meat broth, rice, sausages, chickpea, potatoes and potato starch. This plate is eaten with a stick spoon, called huisilla. The potato starch, is a sun-dried potato.

"Queso Kapche" (Kapche Cheese), pottage preferred in the months of November and December, prepared with green beans, potatoes, milk, eggs, cheese, and pepper, with an onion seasoning, garlic and butter. It is served with rice.

"Pepián de Cuy o Conejo" (Pepián of Guinea pig or Rabbit): Dish prepared with guinea pig pieces (or rabbit) fried in abundant oil, it is cooked with an onion seasoning, red hot pepper, and peanut. It is served with rice and boiled potatoes.

"Chicharrón con Mote" (Pork with mote - maize): meat of pork fried in its own fat accompanied by mote or shelled maize.

"Humita" Is made with fresh mass of maize, it can be sweet or salty, wrapped in a banana leaf. It can be cook by steam or oven.

"Adobo de Chancho" (Pork stewed): meat of pork marinated with chicha de jora and spices, cooked on a pot. It is served with rice.

"Olluco con Carne" (Olluco with meat): Olluco tuber and potatoes stewed with dried alpaca meat.

Also in Machu Picchu town (Last called: Aguas Calientes), located in the lower valley, from where we start our climbing to Machu Picchu citadel, has services of 3 stars hotels and lodgings.


  • Indio Feliz: Lloque Yupanqui lote
  • Toto´s House: Imperio de los Incas
  • Inkaterra Machu Picchu
  • Sumaq Machu Picchu Hotel
  • Pizzeria Manu: Pachacutec
  • Govinda: Pachacutec
  • Chez Maggy: Pachacutec
  • Pizzeria Sayacmarca: Hermanos Ayar
Restaurant Indio Feliz en Machu Picchu pueblo
Indio Feliz Restaurant in Machu Picchu village © Indio Feliz

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