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Go2Peru is an extraordinary source of tourist information about Peru. It is the Official Travel Site of Peru. We have a Travel Guide, Tips for Travelers, Photo and Map galleries. You will be able to find great information about Archaeological and Historical destinations, Nature & Biodiversity, and the best places for Adventure and Sports in Peru. We sell Travel Packages of main Peruvian Tour Operators, affiliated to IATA. Also allows you to make Reservations in Hotels in the main cities of Peru, reserves to Domestic Flights or Bus Tickets.

How I can contact with Go2Peru?

You can contact us by e-mail, letter, telephone or fax. Click here for more information.

Why should I become a member of

If you enjoy visiting archaeological places, the pristine Amazon rainforests, the colonial architecture, the folklore and many other attractions that we have in PERU, we will keep you informed. Go2Peru offers you the best way to plan your vacations and to find the best prices. As a member you will receive information about travel promotions and newsletters. You will be informed about events and festivities in Peru. Hope you will have fun with us. Also, you will be able to have access to your shopping cart and control your account.

How much do services cost?

All of our email alerts and newsletters are 100% free! We have tons of great stuff, such as screensavers, wallpapers, travel information, destination and activity guides, experts advice, as well as community bulletin boards.

How do I join

Please go here to fill out the short information form, and you will quickly and easily become an member, with the option of receiving our newsletters. Joining us will give you instant access to the entire site.

Does sell its members' information?

No! We do not sell your information to mailing lists. Click here for a complete copy of our Privacy Policy.

Can I take the Go2Peru information?

All information, text, pictures and maps are protected by the copyright; for further information click here. You will be able to keep information in your PC or print it for a non commercial use.

Wallpapers and Screensavers

You can download free all of our wallpapers or screensavers for personal use. To download click here. Choose a picture and follow the instructions.

What's the difference between a wallpaper and a screensaver?

A screensaver is an executable file that shows pictures on your screen when you leave your computer idle for a few minutes. This is designed to save your monitor from damage due to leaving one image on it for too long. The wallpaper is the background underneath all of the icons on your desktop.

How can I find information about destinations, places or cultural themes?

Go2Peru has more than 250 pages and over 1,500 pictures with information about tourist places in Peru and cultural themes.Click hereo go to the main menu. For information about archaeological destinationsclick here. For information about Nature & Biodiversity click here. For adventure and sports. click here.

Write a keyword and click on "Go" button; then our search engine will show you the page titles and links. Example: If you look for specific information about "Lord of Sipan" you write "sipan" (uppercase or lowercase) and you will obtain 3 result pages "The Lord of Sipan", "New discoveries in Huaca Rajada" and "Archaeological sites in Chiclayo", in all of them you will find information about the Lord of Sipan. If you look for a generic theme, for example "adventure" write that word and click on "Go" button, then the search engine will give you as a result the places in Peru where you can practice adventure sports.

How can I find Tips for Travelers in Peru?

If you look information about custom, weather, tourism police, money exchange, banking, etc., Tips for Travelers click here and choose your option.

How can I find information about travel packages or tours?

Our system is developed to select and show you the travel packages according to your criteria and preferences. In the main menu, you can pre-select as criteria the destination (city or geographical zone), duration of the package, special interests (Archaeology, Nature & Biodiversity, Adventure & Sports, etc.) or the range of prices that you are willing to pay. You can select one or more combined criteria. Our search engine will give you as a result a list of packages that you fulfill the selected criteria. The titles and the summary of each package will appear. Then make a click on the title of the package to go to the complete description, the rates, the reservation form and the payment form. The information about the itinerary of the package is linked to the tourist guide, so you can know in detail the places to visit.

How can I find information about hotels or lodging?

Our system is developed to select and show you a hotel according to your criteria and preferences. Also, if you know the name of the hotel you write the name in the window "By name" and click on "Go".

In the main menu, you can pre-select as criteria the city and the range of prices that you are willing to pay; also you can choose the optional chart about specific "services and facilities". After clicking on "Go" a list of hotels will be display showing the name, category and services. Then you can choose "Details" and-or "Rates".

s safe to buy in

Go2Peru is completely secure; our site it's certified by VerySign. Our system uses encrypt process SSL3 1024 bits. Our payment system uses the last technology 3D Secure - Verified by Visa, and we are also authorized by Visa, American Express and MasterCard to process payment orders with credit cards. (See Verified by Visa)

How do I book and buy a travel package?

After you have selected a specific package make a click on the "Reserve it" bottom. You must indicate the departure date, number of persons. Then this election it's deliver to the shopping cart. You can choose one or more travel packages in different destinations. Finally when you finished your elections you have to select the shopping cart and follow the instruction on the page.

How do I make a reservation in a hotel?

After you have selected a specific room and rate in a hotel make a click on the "Reserve it" bottom. You must indicate the check in and check out date, number of rooms. Then this election it's deliver to the shopping cart. You can choose one or more hotels in different cities. Finally when you finished your elections you have to select the shopping cart and follow the instruction on the page.

Are the bookings guaranteed?

When you reserve in Go2Peru a travel services (hotel, travel package, bus tickets, flight tickets, etc.) you have to wait our message of confirmation in which we send you the confirmation code of each service. If you receive this code we totally guaranteed the reserve and buy. After we send the code we will charge the price to your credit card account.

Terms and Conditions for booking

Our policy of cancellations, deposits, reimbursements, obligation and liability are declared in our documents about Terms and Conditions. Click here for further information.

Special rates or discounts

We offer special rates or discounts for groups of more than 15 persons. We offer special rates or discounts and excellent commissions for Tour Operators or Travel Agencies outside Peru. For further information send us a message.

Which is the process to pay with Visa card?

The transactions made with your Visa card, use a new service of Visa: "Verified by Visa", which makes these transactions authenticated and safe. When confirming the identities of the Visa cardholders, the fraudulent transactions of electronic commerce or in dispute are reduced, and it is a way to satisfy the restlessness of the consumer with respect to the purchases online If your Bank or your Visa Card is not enrolment to "Verified by Visa", you can make a reserve in Go2Peru.

What is "Verified by Visa"?

Verified by Visa is a new service that will allow the Financial Institutions to authenticate the identity of the Visa cardholder during the process of payment at participating online stores.

Verified by Visa is a unique service that uses personal passwords to help protect Visa card numbers against unauthorized use. Once you activate your card, no one else can use your Visa card number at any participating online stores - without your personal password. Verified by Visa is available for select Visa cards from participating financial institutions.

Benefits of "Verified by Visa"
  • Greater security of the consumer for purchases online.
  • Any special applications software are required on the computer of the Visa cardholder.
  • It is easy to use. It only needs a password and your Visa card to make a purchase.
How it works?

In the first place, the Visa cardholder must register himself in the service just once, visiting the site of inscription of the Bank who issued his Visa card. During the inscription process, a series of questions with security aims are formulated to him, after that, he selects a password to authenticate himself, and decides a phrase that will be used like message of personal guarantee so that the Bank who issued his Visa card can authenticate him when making a transaction.

3-D Secure: The Technology behind "Verified by Visa"

The protocol 3-D Secure sustains the new service of Visa payments, designed to improve and to validate payments conducted by Internet. 3-D Secure is a technology of authentication that uses encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Plug-in to the Merchant Server that informs and verifies the participants with authentication aims during a purchase. Also, it protects the information of payment with the card during its transmission by Internet.

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